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Bridging The Gap

BANANAS FFN Conference

ENGLISH: Wednesday, April 27th 4:30pm – 8:15pm
SPANISH: Thursday, April 28th 4:30pm – 8:15pm

Join us for a conference focused on bringing together FFN (Family, Friend, and Neighbor) Caregivers and their community advocates.

  • We will gather virtually to enjoy various presenters and speakers
  • A Question and Answer panel featuring FFN caregivers
  • Lunch provided via gift card
  • Group discussions and opportunities to connect with each other
  • Raffles, and more! This is a community conference dedicated to anyone working with young children in a license-exempt setting (FFN caregivers), as well as early care and education community-based organizations.*Please Note* We will be holding identical conferences over the course of two days (Day 1 in English, Day 2 in Spanish) in an effort to create equitable opportunities for all members of the FFN community. Please make sure you RSVP to the appropriate day in your preferred language.
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What is an FFN?

Are you a family, friend, or neighbor (FFN) who provides child care to children in your community? BANANAS wants to support you!

What is an FFN? FFN stands for “Family, Friend, or Neighbor”. This is a person who takes care of children.

In order to qualify as an FFN you must:

  1. Take care of children besides your own.
  2. Take care of children without a license from the state.

Who Is An FFN?

A nanny, au pair, grandma, uncle, etc. Anyone who takes care of children can be an FFN! BANANAS values these caregivers as essential teachers for children in our communities. FFN care is the way a family and community can work together to raise children.

Join our FFN community! BANANAS will be hosting a series of virtual workshops for FFNs in Northern Alameda County (Oakland, Berkeley, Piedmont, Alameda, Emeryville, and Albany). These workshops will focus on topics relevant to your work as an FFN provider such as child development, behavior management techniques, and more.

Incentives and Reimbursements Available: FFNs who join our community will have access to incentives such as gift cards and learning materials to support their work. You are also eligible to receive a quality counts stipend check at the end of May 2022 depending on the number of hours and workshops you attend at BANANAS or other participating organizations.

Not Sure if you are an FFN? Have questions? Contact Mikaela Chant (Se habla espanol y inglés).

Mikaela Chant

Mikaela Chant

[email protected]
(510) 908-1129

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